This year decorates your home in a unique and personalized way with everyday materials that you can find easily. They are very simple crafts that you can do yourself. Here we show some ideas for Christmas decorations and spend unforgettable moments with the family.

Christmas ornaments: Crown of cork stoppers

Garlands to hang on the door of the house or in a special corner, are typical Christmas elements. Doing this craft with the children is an excellent idea for them to be entertained and happy. There are many ways to make Christmas ornaments with recycled material in this case the crown is made with cork stoppers.

Christmas decorations that you can make yourself

To create the circle that serves as the basis for forming the crown, a sheet of cardboard or white cork is cut out.
Next, there is no more to be stuck with quick glue the plugs consecutively.
You can change the position of the plugs so that they are more natural and disordered.
Interleaved decorative elements such as shades of red get a nice contrast.
There is nothing left but to incorporate a ribbon to hang the crown and a branch of fir to finish the set.
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Jars of candied preserves

An original way to create Christmas decorations is to use jars of different sizes to make lanterns for candles.

In this case, after removing the dirt, a little glue is applied to the outside of the jar.
When it begins to dry, a mixture of coarse salt mixed with glitter is sprinkled on the glue.
The result will be a frosty or snowy surface.
Before sprinkling the salt, you can stick on the jar starlets of silver paper or any other figure that decorates the composition.
We topped the decoration with a rustic string, with a ribbon with red prints or with a sprig of mistletoe.
Now you can enter a candle to light up your celebrations. This can be electrical and you will have the security of not having incidents with the fire.

Pineapples with colorful pompoms

These Christmas ornaments with pompoms and pineapples are very simple and can be made by the youngest of the house.

Simply collect a handful of open pineapples and you’ll get a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.
In addition you need a varied set of colored pompoms, a string and a bit of glue.
You just have to paste a pompom under each of the open pineapple slabs.
Glue the string at the top leaving a loop to hang the pineapple tree.
You can alternate and put pompoms of a single color in some pineapples and combine the effect.

Clay lanterns in the shape of a fir tree

Original Christmas ornaments made with clay and in the shape of fir to decorate the table at Christmas. This material dries in the air and does not need to be baked.

To make the lantern we need to stretch the clay on a table leaving it about 1 centimeter thick.
With a circular element, like the lid of a pot, we mark the shape of a circle on the mass. Take a short knife and remove the excess clay and then cut the circle in half.
Then with each half form a cone joining its ends wetting the board with a little water to make it adhere better. All you have to do is drill the surface of the spruce with a knife or the tip of a brush or pencil. If you want you can decorate the lantern with acrylic paint of colors forming borders, geometric shapes, ….
It only remains to place a circular base on the bottom and introduce an electric candle that illuminates the lantern.

Recycled light bulbs for the Christmas tree

With recycled light bulbs and a little imagination, you can make beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Wipe the glass from the light bulbs with a cloth moistened with alcohol.
Use acrylic paint to fix on the glass, apply with a sponge so that the finish is rough. If you want the finish to be shiny, once the paint dries, apply a coat of clear varnish or glue.
He uses colored felt to make eyes, ears, caps and scarves to characterize the figures.

Decorative chandeliers

A simple and original way to make elegant Christmas decorations, is to use a glass or glass jars. You will get some fantastic chandeliers to decorate the table!

On a plastic plate mix a little pile of Epsom or coarse salt and a little bright glitter.
Add a transparent adhesive glue to the mixture until it becomes a homogeneous mass.
When the dough begins to harden, place it on a coaster of the size of the chosen cup.
It forms a base a couple of centimeters high of the width of the inside of the cup.
On the snowy base incorporates a Christmas tree or some figures that create a Christmas scene.
To finish, put a little salt in the bottom of the cup, cover it with the scene of the cup holder down and turn it around. The salt will fall on the sapling creating a beautiful snowy landscape.

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