“Every day is Christmas day for a dog.” Ray Bradbury.

“Christmas Day is the festival of optimism.” Helen Keller.

“There’s something better than celebrating Christmas day, and it’s keeping Christmas.” Henry Van Dyke.

“I knew that I had been partially right in the store above the bar on Christmas Day, and whoever it was, I had to die.” Craig Ferguson

“I’ve never done Christmas before, Christmas Day, I mean, what’s that, what’s it about, I always flew on Christmas Day,” Monica Seles.

“Thomas Bowman’s toupee, unfortunately, was never found, and he felt somewhat appeased by the gift of an excellent Westcliff hat on Christmas day.” Lisa Kleypas.

“We are very lucky this year because Christmas falls on Christmas Day” Bobby Gould.

“Christmas is here, Merry Christmas, Christmas, Day of great memories, King of the year!” Washington Irving.

“Christmas day is for children, but holidays are the time for young people to dance.” Booth Tarkington.

“The way you spend Christmas is much more important than how much.” Henry David Thoreau.

“Most of the murders are committed by someone who is known to the victim, in fact, it is very likely that a member of your own family will kill you on Christmas day.” Mark Haddon.

“I eat everything I want on Christmas day, I do not really see what I eat, it’s not like you have Christmas every day!” Adriana Lima.

“The vast majority of people will continue to observe forms that can not be explained, they will keep Christmas day with Christmas presents and Christmas blessings, they will continue to do so, and someday, suddenly, they will wake up and find out why.” Gilbert K. Chesterton.

“Midnight, and the clock is ticking, it’s Christmas day, the werewolves’ birthday, the solstice gate still open enough for everyone to slip away.” Angela Carter

“May this Christmas day remind us that Christ came to invite us to offer love to ALL of humanity and to open the door of the Kingdom of God to all souls.” Neale Donald Walsch.

“Christmas started in the heart of God, it is complete only when it reaches the heart of man, why wait for a call when you have an order?” Robert Hughes.

“The hinge of history is on the door of a stable in Bethlehem.” Ralph Washington Sockman.

“Christmas Day you can not get mad, your neighbor you must worship, there is time to fool even more the other three hundred and sixty-four,” Tom Lehrer.

“Did you know that Christmas Day is absolutely the best day to fly? It is.There are no airports and airplanes full of people.I always flew to Australia.That’s what Christmas was for me: a plane trip to the next tournament “Monica Seles.

“I’ve survived a few generations, that’s because I never lost my enthusiasm, I get up every morning like Christmas day, waiting for gifts.” Karl Lagerfeld.

“Only in the souls the Christ is born, and there he lives and dies.” Alfred Noyes

“A woman spent all of Christmas in a phone booth without calling anyone in. If someone answers the phone, she leaves the box and then takes her place.” Nobody calls her, but from a window in the street, someone observes everything. Day, no doubt since they had nothing better to do, the Christmas syndrome. ” Jean Baudrillard

“If your birthday is Christmas day and you’re not Jesus, you should start telling people that your birthday is June 9 or something, just read the features of a Gemini.” Suddenly, you’re a multitasker who loves the yellow color, because not only do you keep the combined gift, but the song. ” We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy birthday, Terry, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a happy birthday, Terry, we wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year, birthday, Terry, “Ellen Degeneres.

“May God rest, little children, do not worry, because Jesus Christ, your Savior, was born this happy night.” Along the hills of Galilee, the white blocks sleep, when Christ, the son of Nazareth, was born on Christmas Day. . “Dinah Maria Murlock Craik.

“I’m a fucked-up person who does not know how to communicate with the people I love, but I referred to everything I said in my letter, if it was your Nikki, I would have returned to you on Christmas day, but I’m not Nikki. I know, and I’m sorry. ” Matthew fast.

“The stockings were hung in the fireplace with care, in the hope that San Nicol├ís would soon be there.” Clement Clarke Moore.

“There is no such sweet name on earth, no name so sweet in heaven, The name, before His wonderful birth, to Christ the Savior given.” George Washington Bethune.

“What can I give you, poor as I am? If I were a pastor, I would bring a lamb, if I were a wise man, I would do my part, but what can I give him? I give him my heart.” Christina Rossetti.

“May God relax, gentlemen, do not pass out, because Jesus Christ, our Savior, was born on this day, to save us all from the power of Satan when we went down the road.” Oh, news of comfort and joy! Our Savior was born on Christmas Day. ” Dinah Maria Murlock Craik.

“If you pray enough for things, I’m proof that they can happen, I feel like a child on Christmas day, every day, it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time and I’m as happy as anyone to be here. It’s great to return to my first love. ” Robbie Fowler

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, does not come from a store.” Dr. Seuss.

“Can I share with you my first memory of a political dispute?” It was with my mother, about the Queen – classic Freudian things, shrugs would say, “I was eight years old and I refused to see the transmission of the Queen’s Christmas Day.” Alastair Campbell.

“The only thing I remember about Christmas was that my father used to take me out in a boat about ten miles from the coast on Christmas day, and I had to swim back, it was extraordinary, it was a ritual, but that was not it.” . The difficult part. The hard part was getting out of the bag. “John Cleese.

“In the spring of 1994 I decided not to seek re-election in the Senate, I had made the decision 12 years earlier, on Christmas Day 1982, just after I was elected for a full term, that I would do my best. limited.” George J Mitchell.

“I was nine or ten years old and my father was fired on Christmas Day, he was a manager, the results had not been good, he lost a game on December 22 or December 23. On Christmas day, the phone rang and he was fired. the middle of our lunch. ” Jose Mourinho.

“Here I am opening my dolls before breakfast, Christmas day, and here you are asking me if it hurts, this is where I choose between mea culpa and Why the hell should I tell you?” Michael Donaghy.

“This is the first time since I trained that I handed them out on Christmas Day, sometimes when you lose a game, you want to do it again, but in reality, thank God, we had the opportunity for our boys to be at home with their children. families at Christmas. ” Louis Orr.

“For many of us, unfortunately, the spirit of Christmas is” hurried. “And yet, there comes a time when the hurry ends and the race against the calendar comes to an end with mercy.It’s only now that maybe you really Let us recognize The spirit of Christmas … (…) With all its temporary confusion, it can help us to see that, in contrast, Christmas itself is eternal. ” Burton Hill.

“I send my thoughts from afar, and I let them paint Christmas day at home.” Edward Rowland Sill.

“Not a creature moved, not even an elf.” Charlaine Harris.

“I really have not had a bad Christmas, apart from the serious things, like when my father died, he preferred to ruin the party and I never forgave him for falling off the branch on Christmas day.” John Nettles.

“It is a blessing to bestow, and yet, could we give the gifts we receive and keep the ones we give away? How happy were our Christmas days!” Carolyn Wells

“The rooms were very quiet, while the pages passed smoothly and the winter sun glided to touch the bright heads and serious faces with a Christmas greeting.” Louisa May Alcott.

“National Defense A strong defense of the United States overthrew the Soviet Union, it was Ronald Reagan, first in a speech at the University of Notre Dame in May 1981, then his speech on the” Evil Empire “of March 1983, who more eloquently he declared the imminent demise of communism Reagan was right, and even Soviet officials attributed the rhetoric and foreign policy of Ronald Reagan to overthrow that “evil empire.” By Christmas Day 1990, the Soviet Union ceased to exist The liberals wanted other things to be “. Rush Limbaugh.

“Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, near Grantham, in Lincolnshire, on Christmas Day of 1642: a weak and tiny infant, of which it is related that, at birth, he may have found space in a quarter-gallon cup. “On March 20, 1727, after more than eighty-four years of health and bodily vigor more than the average; it is an appropriate earring for the history of the one-quart cup to declare that he never lost more than one of his second teeth. “Augusto De Morgan.

“There is no ideal Christmas, only the Christmas that you decide to do as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.” Bill Mckibben.

“Christmas is not a date, it’s a state of mind.” Mary Ellen Chase

“The very purpose of Christ’s coming into the world was that he could offer his life as a sacrifice for the sins of men, he came to die, this is the heart of Christmas.” Billy Graham.

“Christmas is not just a day, an event that must be observed and forgotten quickly, it is a spirit that must permeate every part of our lives.” William Parks.

“It was the night before Christmas, when in the whole house, not a single creature moved, not even a mouse.” Clement Clarke Moore.

“Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.” Gary allan

“CHRISTMAS DAY Jesus came! – and came for me Simple words! And yet, expressing Deepnesses of the holy mystery, Depths of wonderful love and blessing Holy Spirit, make me see All His coming means to me; the things of Christ, I pray, show them to my heart today. ” Frances Ridley Havergal.

“At Easter or Christmas Day, my mother could drag me to the church, as she dragged me to the Buddhist temple, to the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Shinto shrine and the ancient Hawaiian burial sites.” Barack Obama.

“You will call his name Jesus, he will save his people from their sins.” Leonard Ravenhill.

“Something that is of common interest for all men, women and children on the planet should be the notion of ‘Peace’, without ‘Peace’ we can not survive, Valentine’s Day is February 14. Christmas Day is December 25. The Day of Peace was established by the United Nations on September 21, and everyone is invited to participate. ” Annie Lennox

“It’s Christmas every time you let God love others through you.” Mother Teresa.

“The Christmas season is also the time of year when the business world encourages us to consider material as more important than spiritual, all in the spirit of ‘vacations.'” So we celebrated the arrival on Christmas Day. the iPods and DVDs … Then, again, perhaps this is precisely the kind of seasonal stupidity that makes the Christian faithful hide the noise and contemplate the true nativity and its eternal promise “. L. Brent Bozell, Jr ..

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